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Beauty Lighting and Retouching Masterclasses

Do you ever struggle to edit your pictures and make them pop?

Sometimes, no matter how good the lighting is, something is still missing.

This workshop is an step-by-step exploration of my usual workflow for beauty and portrait images. I will walk you through how to shoot beauty to getting a natural looking image and the easiest ways to retouch it.​

We will have an amazing model and MUA, we will also cover the sort of makeup needed for beauty, the best lighting modifires and camera settings.Then, after everyone takes some pictures of the model, I will start retouching one of the images myself so you can see me working step by step. You will also get a set of notes and actions.- including a skin action.

At the end, we will also have a Q&A time, you will be added to one of my secret Facebook group where you can get more tips and help and share your work at any time 


This is a course that works for any experience, either you're a beginner or someone who knows  his way in Photoshop.




What you will learn?



Beauty makeup and the right model choice/ the importance of a great team


Beauty lighting/shooting

You will learn the difference between commercial beauty lighting and editorial beauty and get to work with a  professional model.

I will be assisting you and I will be explaining the best crops and settings to get the best results.

Intensive Beauty retouching- We will go through all the process I am using to achieve the results on my portfolio.​


3 actions (including the skin action) and short videos covering our lessons.

Class Size: max 10 Students

Suitable for all levels

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