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How to add lashes in Photoshop

Because we are all in quarantine, I have decided to do something I kept putting off as I was either too busy or I have bottled it up.

So here is my first proper 'sort of' Youtube tutorial.( excuse my Mickey Mouse voice and accent in advance)

A lot of times I have seen incredible retouched, close up images, but something was 'missing'. Filled in lashes.

With beauty makeup I always advise the MUAs to either not use false lashes, or if they do, to use individual ones. Obviously, long lashes complement the look, so enhance the image most of the time. It is much easier to create a natural look in post and in this video I show you how to do this.

Also, I am giving you the brush I used for this technique as a free download.

Feel free to tag me in any images where you are using it, so I can share them in my stories!

Hope you enjoyed watching!

Stay safe and subscribe for more content.

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