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Frequency Separation/ Retouching Panel discount

This is probably the most popular question I get asked. 'Do I use Frequency separation?'

There is a lot of debate on the best way to achieve natural looking skin. Should you use of Frequency Separation (FS) or Dodge and Burn (D&B) ?

Today you will find out my thoughts on it.

When I started retouching- 7 years ago, I didn't know much about D&B. I used to do some basic skin cleaning, then go straight into FS, using the clone stamp, patch tool and healing brush until the model's skin was blotchy and blurred in areas.

I then discovered D&B and started to use that alongside other techniques dropping FS totally from my workflow.

Do I think it is wrong to use Frequency separation? The answer is no, depending of what sort of photography you are doing and the clients you are working for.

It is good to master all the techniques, then go for the ones that work for you and help you get the results you are happy with.

In 90% of my images I do not use FS, however I am aware that it can be used in a non-destructive way and this is what I am showing you today.

Below you can find a downloadable link where you get your FREE FS ACTION:

You can use your own FS action, if you already have one, or in my case, as you can see in the video I am using the Beauty Retouch Panel's action- from the Retouching Academy.

I absolutely love using the panel, especially when I am having a lot of work as it simplifies my workflow.

As a thank you for reading my blog please find a link where you can get $20 off your Beauty Panel purchase, in case you don t have it yet, and want to try it.

Now without further ado let's watch the video. I will explain to you how to use the Frequency Separation and still maintain the skin texture.

Here you can find the image at different stages of the retouching process:

1.Unedited image

2.Basic edit& FS using the method I have demonstrated

3.Final image with all the above plus colour correction and extra d&b

I hope you enjoyed watching! Feel free to share and subscribe.

Until the next one...Stay safe and practice!

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1 Comment

Lisa Harden
Lisa Harden
Mar 16, 2021

Perhaps it will be useful to someone.

Find below a new free, and useful Photoshop plug-in for photo retouching:

It comes with a free retouching video course.

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